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I+G Glass Coating: Toyota GR Yaris

I+G Glass Coating: Toyota GR Yaris

This Toyota GR Yaris just rolled out from the dealership, owned by a good friend of ours. The owner approached us, inquiring for a way to protect the paint of his beloved car. After a few discussions he agreed on the coating services that we provided using the I+G product. The minute it came by to our shop we had a quick look at the overall condition of the paint, since it’s relatively new but has been through the weather in Malaysia, we gave it the first wash and a quick polish with the Meguiars 205 for the extra pop in the paint. After the polishing processes has completed, we rewash the car again wheels off including its nooks and crannies to remove dust (if any) from the polishing stage to prepare it for the coating process. After drying the car out, it was time for the coating process to begin. With the I+G its a 3 step process which includes washing, priming and the actual coating of the panels. The brake callipers were also coated for ease of wash to remove the brake dust. The car is then left to air dry to cure the coating. This took roughly a day to properly cure. Once cured, the results were simply breathtaking. The way the water beads over the coated panel wowed us every single time. 








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