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Release information of DIN-Gauge Style21

Release information of DIN-Gauge Style21

DIN-Gauge, which had been suspended production from since 2020, has been resumed production as DIN-Gauge Style 21 in June 2021. Shipments will begin in July 2021.

DIN-Gauge is a triple meter that fits perfectly into the 1DIN size.  DIN-Gauge Style 21 has some new functions while keeping the same price, part number and exterior design.

Changes from previous models

  • Removed the linkage of vehicle illumination and changed the backlighting to always on
    This ensures the best visibility at all times regardless of the surrounding brightness. In addition, the illumination connection work is no longer necessary.

  • Peak hold function added
    To use the peak hold function, a commercially available 2-pole switch is required.

Open for ordering now. 

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